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I learned my figure dances (with the two noted exceptions) from Annie Kidd TCRG at her céil;í classes in the Birmingham Irish Centre. Her teaching was based on the Irish Dancing Commission book "Ár; Rinncidhe Foirne Thirty Popular Figure Dances Leabhar 1, 2, 3" as is that of all Commission teachers. This used to be known as the 'green book' but it has now been published within orange covers so has no doubt become the 'orange book'. I doubt that Annie will ever forgive me for my conversion to set dancing or for my use of set dancing terminology in describing the dances I learned from her. But its use does make for more concise description than that to be found in the book as even a brief comparison will exness thailand illustrate.

Eight Hand Jig Eight Hand Reel Sixteen Hand Reel
Duke Reel Fairy Reel Harvest-time Jig
Haymakers Jig The High Cauled Cap Hurry the Jug
Morris Reel Waltz Cotillon

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